“This Hidrex machine is top notch. I am absolutely blown away from my results. NEVER can I remember having dry hands or ever having to use lotion on my hands because they were always sweaty. It is an amazing feeling. As far as this machine goes – It’s easy to setup and use. I never was confused or had any problems with device and instructions. Customer service was outstanding – quick email replies and even a phone call to me when I had other questions. Once again, I’m so happy with everything, can’t be more excited and pleased. This works – it will for you too. Just buy it – it’s worth double the price. Thanks Hidrex!” – Dave (California) on Hidrex DP450


“This machine has changed my life. It works. Plain and simple. Just after a few days I noticed a reduction in sweating. At 2 weeks, it was almost gone. After 1 month of treatment, not a single drop of sweat. It has been 5 months now and I am completely sweat free. Even during hard physical activity, stress or anxiety. Not even the slightest amount of moisture. I never believed I would be able to find a fix for this problem. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, this machine is absolutely worth it. I cannot stress that enough.

My sister also suffers from this problem and purchased a Hidrex machine. She has seen the exact same results.  For years, I suffered from hyperhidrosis of the hands. I don’t believe I had ever met a person with sweatier hands than mine. I talked with doctors and tried other treatments to no avail. Then I found out about iontophoresis. I researched it for weeks and came to the conclusion the Hidrex machine was the best. I was right. I made my order and it was sent out promptly. The customer service is remarkable. They will answer any question you have swiftly.” – Errol (Michigan) on Hidrex DVP1000o


“This machine has changed my life! After using the machine for about a week straight my hands have been incredibly dry. I have tried numerous other treatments for hyperhidrosis and this is the best by far, no pills, needles or surgery required. Additionally the customer service is fantastic. They are always happy to help and offer immediate, useful information on any questions.”  – Sven (Massachusetts) on Hidrex DVP1000


“This machine is amazing! I can’t believe how effective it is. I have to admit, I was skeptical after trying different options, but this really works. Ignore the price tag and get it!” – Sharon (Ontario, Canada) on Hidrex DVP1000


“Changed my life! Great customer service. Used the face-mask for my forehead although I did end up placing the electrode sockets on the forehead area – I now almost never have any sweating problems. Highly recommended for anyone with any type of hyperhidrosis. If it helped me (which I never thought anything could help my severe condition) it can help you.” – Bryan (Ontario, Canada) on Hidrex DP450


“I cannot say enough good things about this machine! I have suffered from excessive palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis for about 16 years. I did treatment with this machine for 2.5 weeks straight every night and after about 1.5 weeks of treatments, my hands and feet were becoming much drier. I am now completely dry. This has been the answer to all of my prayers! I HIGHLY recommend trying this machine if you suffer from hyperhidrosis!

If you would have told me a month ago that by the end of June, I would have dry hands and feet, would be able to comfortably wear shoes without socks, dresses and sandals etc….I would have told you that you were crazy. But…I sit here today at work writing this email in dressy sandals and Capri without sweating, feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious.

Thank you for giving me my life (and fashion) back!!!!   I have tears in my eyes just writing this, knowing that I finally am able to feel like a normal person again! Never thought I could dress normal again without limitations. It’s still slightly surreal and too good to be true….but today I am 100% comfortable at work amd loving it. Amazing!” – Jackie (Wisconsin) on Hidrex DVP1000


“I never imagined the machine would be this effective; I applied moisturizer to my hands tonight. its my first time applying moisturizer on my hands ever!” – Jack (Florida) on Hidrex DVP1000


“It is working!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Ah man. A problem I’ve had for over 15 years is going away. I can’t tell you how exciting this is 🙂 Thank you for all your help and support!! This changed my life! Thank you!” – Alex (New York) on Hidrex DVP1000


“The machine has worked a miracle and I have been enjoying all this time sweat free.

I used it consistently for a whole week and a half, the following week I noticed the change. It is very minimal when there is increased humidity or temperature, but in no way have I been this free from my teens that I can recall. This machine, your company and your assistance has been a positive 360° change in my life. I’m glad to have chosen the hidrex device” – Beverly (Ontario) on Hidrex DP450



“Thank you for sending me the Klima deodorant. It has 100% changed my life in 2 days. I have suffered for many years of embarrassment & want to thank you!” – Colleen (Texas)

“Hi my name is Kari and I have been using this product for 1 1/2 months. I have tried other products for over 2 years and nothing seemed to work. I used over 15 different deodorants and was very unsuccessful. This product is so awesome and I don’t feel embarrassed anymore about body odor. It works great for me. Thank you for all your help.” Kari (California)

“If you are one of those people who suffer from what I call “stinky feet syndrome”, you have to read this. I am 56 years old and can’t remember ever not having stinky feet, regardless of all the foot sprays, powders, excessive washing and buying only good leather shoes – Still, stinky feet and very embarrassing. When my daughter gave me a gift certificate for a full body massage for Mother’s Day a few years ago, I refused to let them touch my feet, using the excuse that my feet were very sensitive, and I would not let anyone touch them. Now, thanks to Klima deodorant, I would welcome someone to give me a foot massage. Admittedly, I was skeptical that anything could help my problem, but when I went on line and read about Klima deodorant, I decided I’d give it a try, and lo and behold, no more stinky feet. They actually smell good. So, my advice to those of you who suffer from “stinky feet syndrome” as I did, “YOU MUST TRY IT”. It will truly liberate you from the self consciousness and embarrassment you have been through.” – Nancy (Ohio)

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“I used to destroy all of my white shirts by using so much deodorant. I would always end up sweating my deodorant off and turning the underarms yellow. With Klima, this is no longer a problem. Thanks Klima!” – Mike (California)